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JennyEileen!  Where it all began!  Lettering & watercolor are my favs of all time, and I am so excited to continue creating with you all!  Click below to access my Etsy shop and find an ever growing  collection of art prints, quotes, wedding and portrait illustrations, as well as fun stickers and printables.

If you would like to discuss a custom project - please send me a message on Etsy, or with the below contact form.  I currently offer customization of anything in my Etsy shop as well as handlettered invitations, and logo design projects.

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About Me

Hey there!  So great to meet you!

I am a digital and watercolor artist located in Nashville TN.  An accountant by trade, I made the move to the south from my home state of Maine in 2011 and made a decision to focus more on my creative aspirations.  Living in such a vibrant and creative community has been an amazing experience. I truly believe that in all adversity comes opportunity, and thankfully one bright spot in all that 2020 has brought was time home to focus on organizing my online business platform.  I am very excited to move my business to an online model where I can craft even more artwork for my new found community online.

I specialize in handlettering, logo design, watercolor, and portrait illustrations.  I dabble in macrame, embroidery, and other mediums as well.  Please reach out and say hello on my social media sites - very excited to meet and create for you all!

As I've tried to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, I found that there are so many things that I already am, and so many things that I want to be.  I founded CliffyNotes & JennyEileen over the past few years, and am excited to bring them both together here so we can have a place to be free to explore all our passions, to grow and be in community, and have a virtual home to come to when you need a pick me up, a quote, a story, or just a great big belly laugh. <3